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Your room exposes your wealth, health and relationships

When you see this article, please follow us to do an interesting test. Look around your room, if you are not at home, please think back to the room when you left home not long ago:

Is there any dust on the floor, whether there is a pile of expired magazines on the sofa, whether the wardrobe is messy, and the kitchen stove is not oily mottled. If so, be careful, your life may be in jeopardy. This is not an alarmist, but a philosophy of life that sweeps the globe: sweeping power.

– 1 –

Your room is like yourself

After years of research, Harvard Business School has discovered a phenomenon: “Successful people with a strong sense of happiness often have a clean and tidy home. Unfortunate people usually live in messy and dirty.”

From a small family and everyone, a successful business, often a clear window. On the contrary, a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy must have a dirty corner.

So I came up with the conclusion that “the room you live in is exactly your own refraction, and your life is actually like your room.”

When this language comes out, it’s awkward, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But more and more people, from company presidents to housewives, have become fans of “sweeping power.”

A girl who lost her face in tears every day, while reading “Sweeping Power”, she sorted out the contents of the closet and dumped 14 bags of garbage. To her surprise, her feelings of accumulation seemed to be much brighter as the airtight wardrobe was restored.

– 2 –

A messy family in the room, it is difficult to teach the child’s spirituality

If our family environment is chaotic and dusty, then we often get angry and irritated in front of children because of too much attention to the children’s academic performance and neglect the cultivation of their ability to classify and organize.

Children have a strong imitation, they will inadvertently imitate their parents’ practices. If you often clean up your home, then in this environment, he will quickly develop a good habit.

On the other hand, if the family is chaotic, then his life and mood are also messy, and his academic performance will not be good. A person’s room hides his own state of life and hides the child’s future.

Is there such big magic in sweeping power? Indeed, sweeping away seems to be simple physical work, but in fact, deep in life wisdom. By cleaning, we can let go of pride, learn to be humble, and find ourselves in the work of selflessness. The process of cleaning is the process of handling, selecting, and discarding. It is your interaction with the environment. The neat environment clearly shows your logic and organization.

– 3 –

God likes to live in a clean and bright home.

When you go to travel, there are 2 friends who invite you to live in her house. A friend’s home is clean, bright, and tidy. A friend’s home is dirty, messy, and stinky. Who do you choose to live in? It must be clean, bright and tidy. And God has the same wisdom as you, and God likes to live in such a clean and bright home. I want the God of Wealth to visit your home and act to clean it!

Whether it is a small family or a business, a successful enterprise often has a clear window; on the contrary, a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy must have a dirty corner.

– 4 –

Cleaning up the home is the growth of wisdom

Whenever you have troubles and emotions, please organize your home! Our external environment is an inner projection! Those dirty and stinking represent the inner negative energy and emotional accumulation. Hands-on: a small cleanup every week, a big cleanup in January. Let the environment be refreshed, people live naturally and comfortably, happiness will naturally increase, and increased happiness will bring success.

And those unfortunate people usually live in a messy and messy environment. The mess at home also brings confusion of thoughts. Cleaning up the home is equivalent to cleaning up the garbage in the brain, and wisdom will naturally grow.

– 5 –

Cleaning up the home is to throw away the germs

We passed by the garbage dump and used to cover our noses and go. Living in a garbage dump home for a long time, the external mess is easy to cause physical illness, cleaning up the home is equivalent to cleaning up the pathogens, the body is naturally healthier.

I have a student who has been allergic for 8 years. I went to her house. Her wardrobe was filled with clothes that I didn’t wear 18 years ago. I just let her throw away those clothes, and all the skin allergies disappeared after a week.

– 6 –

Cleaning up the home is to improve positive energy

In the TV series, the haunted houses are full of spider webs, gray, and the heavens are bright and magnificent, so the gray home attracts bad energy, the energy is not good, and the wealth is not good. The bright home attracts good energy, positive energy, good energy, and good fortune.

It’s very easy for a person to walk, but if you let me carry a lot of things, you must not walk.

Too much stuff in the house will cause the energy in the house to be very cumbersome, unable to function properly, and even less likely to bring a good feeling.

And after cleaning up those extras, it brings very light and positive energy.

– 7 –

Cleaning up the home is to clean up the mind

Our homes usually pile up a lot of idle items and clothes, and the energy is very negative. When you keep cleaning your home, where you are stuck inside, it will become more and more smooth, easy, and love and gratitude will flow in.


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