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The difference and benefits of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise

Fitness is becoming more and more fashionable, and everyone has joined them for their own purposes. Of course, various fitness methods are also varied, of which sports can be divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Different people have different opinions, so let’s distinguish between the two sports and talk about their respective benefits.

  • Aerobic exercise

I believe that everyone’s concept of the word isn’t very clear. The so-called aerobic exercise can be understood literally, which means that the oxygen supply in the body is sufficient when carrying out this type of exercise. In doing this type of exercise, the oxygen and exercise required to breathe into the body are roughly equivalent to the oxygen consumed, maintaining a relatively balanced physiological state. Simply speaking, aerobic exercise can refer to any movement that has a rhythmic rhythm. The exercise time of this kind of exercise is generally long, at least fifteen minutes or more. The intensity of exercise is roughly medium and above, which can roughly make the heart rate of exercise reach the range of 60% to 80% of the maximum heart rate range we can bear. To identify whether the exercise mode is aerobic exercise, the main criterion is not the other, but mainly the heart rate during exercise. The heart rhythm is roughly in the range of about 150 times per minute. This type of exercise can be classified into the range of aerobic exercise. In other words, the blood can fully satisfy the oxygen required by the body. The specific ones are swimming, jogging, cycling and other forms of exercise.

This kind of exercise is naturally able to bring many benefits to our body. If you maintain the habit of aerobic exercise for a long time, your physical fitness will be significantly improved, which is obviously helpful for the overall health of the human body. The body’s immune resistance will be enhanced, and it can enhance heart and lung function, and it has a small role in fighting to age. Of course, there are many benefits for the cerebral cortex. It can be said that it is especially good for mental workers, and the work is done in minutes. The consumption of fat is not necessary to say, it also has a good preventive effect on various chronic diseases. For those who are keen on losing weight, reasonable control of their diet, coupled with aerobic exercise, weight loss can naturally achieve good results but also can consolidate the results, not easily rebound.

According to experts’ advice, patients with diabetes or fatty liver, aerobic exercise can help professional treatment and help improve the condition. And if the heart rate is not the same, or patients with cardiovascular disease should also have the habit of doing aerobic exercise, it is also very beneficial for older people to adhere to exercise.

  • Anaerobic exercise

The academic classification of this sport is derived from the classification of the metabolic processes of skeletal muscle during human exercise. This means that the exercise is carried out under the energy supply of anaerobic metabolism. However, the anaerobic exercise that everyone understands in daily life is not so complicated. It is mainly thought to be the opposite of the former exercise mode. It is a violent exercise mode, which means that the human body is under insufficient oxygen supply. work out.

The main feature of anaerobic exercise is that the intensity of exercise is high, and the load on the human body is relatively large, and the transient is relatively strong. It is precisely because of this feature that the general exercise time is relatively short, it is difficult to adhere to a long time to meet, the degree of fatigue brought to the human body is relatively high, and the duration of fatigue is also long. In such a high-intensity exercise process, the body is in the process of high-speed consumption, and the metabolic rate of formation in the body is naturally greatly accelerated so that more energy consumption is needed to supplement. When it comes to the energy of the human body, it is mainly produced by breaking down the body’s sugar, fat, and other nutrients. If the energy consumption of our human body movement is relatively low, especially for sports such as jogging, the energy requirement of the human body is relatively small, as long as it is more than enough through the catabolism of sugar. And this type of exercise is the way we have aerobic exercise mentioned earlier. But when we are doing very intense exercise, especially when we need a momentary movement in the human body. For example, the well-known 100-meter sprint or weight-lifting sports, the energy required by the human body at this time is very huge. Obtaining energy from the oxidative decomposition of sugar is obviously not enough. To meet the needs of the body, anaerobic metabolism is required at this time, and a large amount of energy is obtained in a short time, which is the state of anaerobic exercise.

Anaerobic exercise naturally brings us considerable benefits. The first is good news for a small partner who wants to lose weight. This exercise has a very significant result for local weight loss, bringing unexpected effects to the body part, such as the often full flesh and abdomen can be easily reduced by this. Therefore, don’t underestimate the anaerobic exercise, which is very effective. When you lose weight, you can use different sports according to your own situation. Take the strengths of both sports to achieve weight loss. In addition, anaerobic exercise can play a role in muscle shaping, and muscle shaping can also achieve weight loss and slimming effect. Everyone may be strange or even unbelievable about this. In fact, shaping the muscles is not a daily understanding of the muscles, but also because this understanding is far from anaerobic exercise. But in fact, this understanding is wrong. Muscle shaping is more focused on making our muscles firmer and the muscle lines smoother. It is also very helpful for the improvement of the whole person’s temperament.


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