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How can we improve dry hair?

Our hair is an important expression of the external image. Many times, hair will become dry, yellow, lacking moisture and luster due to external damage. This kind of hair is really not reminiscent of beauty, so your image is greatly reduced. So, what should I do if I have problems with dry hair?

Reasons for hair becoming rough:

  1. Frequent perm and dyed hair

Everyone has a heart for beauty. Whenever it is a certain time, or the rise of a new hairstyle, or the beginning of a new year, everyone wants to change a new image. Women will choose their own hair salon to design a perfect hairstyle. That’s it, often perm, dye hair. Because of these behaviors, your hair will be greatly hurt. As a result, the hair will become dull and dry, and the hair will be damaged.

  1. Excessive water shortage causes dry hair.

Our body stores moisture all the time, no matter which part of the body. There is also moisture in the hair. If the hair is excessively dehydrated, it will cause dryness, split ends, and hair loss. Especially in the dry season such as autumn, if the water is not replenished in time, the …

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