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How do we stay healthy by exercise?

Nowadays, people’s health awareness has become increasingly strong, and sports have become a fashion coming into people’s lives. However, it is easier to form a sense of consciousness, and it is more difficult to become a habit and stick to it. Maintaining a correct attitude and a reasonable method is very helpful for us to stick to exercise. Exercise is a good way to stay healthy. Obese people increase physical exercise, not only can achieve the “expenditure” of fat, so that the body can be restored, but also can make the body’s various organs exercise, enhance physical fitness. Therefore, increasing exercise is a good way to stay healthy.

Similarly, exercise needs to be different from person to person. Due to different personal habits, there should be different choices when choosing exercise time, content, intensity, and frequency. The daily exercise can be divided into two parts: one part is the activity that consumes more physical energy in daily life including work, travel, and housework. The other part is physical exercise.

  • Preparation before exercise

  1. Stretch for 5 minutes:Stretching is a necessary measure to prevent muscle strain, and the effect of exercising after stretching is also easier to manifest.
  2. Jogging for 3 minutes:Jogging to let the body enter the state, especially the elderly, don’t suddenly and vigorously exercise.
  • Choice of exercise style:
  1. The run:Exercise is best done every day, it will have an effect, the simplest is running. You start running early every morning, you can exercise and breathe fresh air. Applicable to the majority of the population, running on the softer ground to prevent injury to the knee, to wear elastic running shoes. Running can speed up the body’s metabolism, strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve lung function, reduce abdominal fat, regulate the intestines, and improve appetite. The benefits are numerous. For 3 months, you will find that your body has changed a lot, walking, going upstairs, working, etc. are very easy.
  2. Go swimming:Applicable to women, obese people, people with joint pain and disease. There are many benefits to swimming. First, the body is evenly slim and the energy metabolism is improved. In the water environment, more energy can be consumed, and each joint can get a balanced exercise, while the body fat percentage is reduced while ensuring the ratio of the dimensions and strength of various parts of the body. Second, increased lung capacity and increased respiratory capacity. Third, the joints are not easily damaged and can even repair damaged joints. Because there is no timely start or break action in the water environment, the joint structure, ligaments, muscles, etc. are not easily damaged, and some deep muscles can also have a certain strengthening effect. Swimming can also be a very good rehabilitation exercise. Fourth, the body temperature regulation ability is enhanced. Generally speaking, the swimming water temperature is lower than the body temperature, so cold stimuli can be generated in the water environment, and the body temperature is normalized by the body temperature adjustment. Frequent activities in the water can improve the heat production and heat dissipation process, and enhance the body temperature regulation. Fifth, water has a massage effect on the skin in swimming, and long-term adherence to swimming can play a skin cosmetic role and prevent the occurrence of skin diseases.

  1. ride a bike: You can have a small bike ride with friends on weekends or in free time, which can save your body and relax your body.Suitable for people with better joints, obese people, not suitable for people with the prostate disease. Cycling activities not only can exercise the body, but also enjoy the scenery along the way, feel the natural world, reconcile the atmosphere, and then about 3-5 friends, the mood will naturally become better!
  2. Flya kite: Suitable for spring, family sports Flying a kite can make people pay attention to it, and it has a kind of growth effect. It is especially suitable for the TCM health needs of spring hair growth and stretching. When the sun is good, it can also play the role of soothing the liver and relieving depression, especially for female friends with liver qi stagnation. And in the kite flying, people will keep running, shouting, handing up, which is a good combination of exercise.
  3. Basketball:Suitable for young and middle-aged, middle-aged. Basketball activities cover a variety of body movements such as running, jumping, and throwing, and the intensity of exercise is large. Therefore, it can comprehensively, effectively and comprehensively promote the overall development of physical fitness and human functions, improve and maintain the vitality of human life, and lay a solid physical material foundation for all activities of human beings, thereby improving the quality of life. And teenagers who like to play basketball generally promote the vertical development of height, and the president is very tall! There are also many ball games to choose from: badminton, table tennis, tennis and more.
  • Movement frequency and time

The frequency of exercise 3-5 times a week is the best. If it is too much, it will cause damage to the body function. If it is less, it will not achieve the effect of exercise. Each exercise needs to reach more than 30 minutes, but it is best not to exceed 1 hour.

  • Exercise intensity

Exercise intensity refers to the degree to which the body exercises physiological stimulation of the human body. We generally use heart rate as a measure of the amount of exercise: It is generally considered that the amount of exercise of 120 beats/min or less is small; the amount of exercise of 120 to 150 beats/min is medium, and the amount of exercise of 150 to 180 beats/min or more than 180 beats/min is large. For different age groups: the best heart rate for sports over 60 years old = 170-age; the best heart rate for sports under 60 years = 180-age, the maximum heart rate is 200-age. One exercise can maximize the heart rate of the exercise heart rate per week, and the young adult can be twice a week.


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