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How can we improve dry hair?

Our hair is an important expression of the external image. Many times, hair will become dry, yellow, lacking moisture and luster due to external damage. This kind of hair is really not reminiscent of beauty, so your image is greatly reduced. So, what should I do if I have problems with dry hair?

Reasons for hair becoming rough:

  1. Frequent perm and dyed hair

Everyone has a heart for beauty. Whenever it is a certain time, or the rise of a new hairstyle, or the beginning of a new year, everyone wants to change a new image. Women will choose their own hair salon to design a perfect hairstyle. That’s it, often perm, dye hair. Because of these behaviors, your hair will be greatly hurt. As a result, the hair will become dull and dry, and the hair will be damaged.

  1. Excessive water shortage causes dry hair.

Our body stores moisture all the time, no matter which part of the body. There is also moisture in the hair. If the hair is excessively dehydrated, it will cause dryness, split ends, and hair loss. Especially in the dry season such as autumn, if the water is not replenished in time, the secretion of sebaceous glands is too small. If the hair is too dry, the hair will easily generate static electricity, and the hair will fall off easily, causing bifurcation and becoming dry.

  1. Working pressure is too large

Modern people have a fast pace of life and work pressure is too big. Especially those who use computers for a long time, use computers for a long time and have a high concentration of attention, over time, the brain will remain in such an excited state, which affects the endocrine system associated with hair growth, resulting in excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, severely blocking the hair follicles. The hair will then become dry.

  1. Too frequent shampooing

Frequent shampooing, although it makes us feel very relaxed, frequent washing the hair will make the hair follicles of the scalp easy to fall off. If the scalp is less and less organized, the hair will become very dry.

  1. Malnutrition

If the body lacks certain nutrients, it will also make the hair become hairy. The lack of protein will affect the health of the hair, and the lack of iron will easily lead to hair loss.

So if you want to have healthy hair and supple hair, you need to do nursing work.

  1. Stop using the curling iron.If your hair is badly damaged, please pause the use of various hairdressing instruments, such as hair dryers, electric curlers, curling irons, straight hair sticks, etc. These tools will further aggravate your hair’s dry and split ends, and the situation will be out of control. At this time, you must decisively discard it.
  2. Choose a care product containing essential oils.Damaged hair needs care, in the choice of care products, it is best to choose products containing natural plant essential oils, silk proteins, and other ingredients. Honey egg oil hair care is a small remedy for hair care. Put a spoonful of honey, a raw egg yolk, a spoonful of vegetable oil, two spoonfuls of shampoo and a proper amount of onion juice, mix well and spread evenly on the scalp. Then put on a plastic hat and put a hot towel on the plastic cap to heat it. After one or two hours, rinse it with water to protect it.

  1. Weekly nourishment.It is best to nourish the hair mask once or twice a week. Hair shampoo alone can’t restore elasticity. Professional care for hair mask every week can bring a deep moisturizing effect. After washing your hair, apply a moisturizing mask on your hair, wrap your hair in a towel for 10 minutes, then rinse directly with water. The hair will become very supple, and it can also be combined with massage to make the moisturizing effect even better.
  2. Daily use of nutrient water.For dyed hair, get up early every morning, when combing, it is best to spray some nutrients that are not too thick. It can be your own natural toner, or it can be special hairdressing nutrient water. Load it in a small watering can and let the hair moisten a little so that the hair will look shiny.
  3. Use vitamin E:Squeeze vitamin E into the conditioner and mix well, after cleaning your hair, use your towel to dry your hair and apply it evenly on your hair. Then wrap the hair in a hot towel. After about half an hour, remove the towel and rinse it off with water. This method is especially suitable for hair dry edema and knotting symptoms. It is used by people with damaged hair, but it should be noted that oily hair is not suitable for this method.
  4. Run hair comb.Dry hair, there will be problems with excessive hair loss and easy breakage. In this case, you must not use hair combs that are very dense and very small, which will cause the hair to fall more. You should buy jade and horn combs, which are all very good for the hair, and the comb gap is slightly wider.
  5. Summer sunscreen.Hair is actually afraid of the sun, go out in the summer, it is best to wear a sun hat or hold a sun umbrella. Do not let ultraviolet rays shine directly on your hair, it will cause sunburn. Sun protection is also one of the tricks to get your hair back to normal as soon as possible.
  6. Eat more hair products.In daily life, we need to adjust our eating habits. Eat less unhealthy junk food and eat more vegetables and fruits, focus on eating some traditional hair care products such as sesame and walnut. You can cook porridge and grind, and you can eat it directly. The effect is very good.
  7. Don’t stay up late.People who stay up all night, blood is not enough, it also shows up on the hair. Hair is very soft, easy to split, often has hair loss. In this case, you should adjust your sleep habits in a timely manner, do not stay up late, and ensure 8 hours of sleep per day.

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