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Hair care strategy

About shampooing

Many girls will be entangled in how long it takes to wash their hair. In fact, there is no strict regulation. In theory, as long as they are suitable for their own physiological habits, they feel comfortable and healthy. The frequency of scientific and healthy shampooing should be different according to different Hair quality and season.

Oily hair

The sebaceous glands of oily hair are exuberant. If it is not cleaned in time, it will clog the pores. Not only will the hair greasy and affect the image, but it will also feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, oily hair can be washed in 1~2 days. When shampooing, it needs to be combined with a mild shampoo. The too alkaline shampoo will cause great irritation to the scalp and accelerate the damage to the hair.

Dry hair

For dry hair, oil and hair loss is not their troubles. Because of the low secretion of sebum, hairy, dry, itchy and dandruff are their biggest enemy. Therefore, the frequency of shampooing should be appropriately reduced. It is advisable to wash once in 2-3 days. It is recommended to use mildly acidic shampoo for proper cleaning, reduce the burden on the scalp, and use hair conditioner to nourish the hair.

Neutral hair

In all skin, neutral skin without oil is the most appealing, because they are called “natural beauty.” Similarly, girls with neutral hair, how often do you take a look at your mood, as long as you are happy!

Atreus Ginger Shampoo is effective in preventing hair loss, leaving your hair falling out, sparse and thick, bald and long hair, and flowing hair is no longer a dream!

Mainly shampoo contains ginger ingredients, from the hair follicles at the roots of the hair to nourish the hair, the source controls the secretion of oil, so that the hair grows healthier. Change hair quality from hair roots, repair hair scales, effectively improve hair quality, maintain scalp, balance oil secretion, and improve scalp itching caused by excessive oil secretion. ATREUS is silicone-free + ginger series, mainly herbaceous. Don’t worry about the secondary damage of artificial additives to the scalp, so that the hair grows firmly on the hair. Cleans the hair and keeps the hair clean and healthy.

Ginger shampoo, its ingredients such as gingerol and ginger oil, can normalize the blood circulation of hair, promote hair metabolism, activate hair follicle tissue, and inhibit itchy skin and strengthen hair roots. The weak acidity is very mild and cares for nourishing the scalp.

About hair care

Good shampooing habits will have a multiplier effect, and the right hair care style will give you hair that everyone is envious of.

1, shampoo water temperature cannot be too high

When washing the hair, the water temperature is too high, it will damage the scales and scalp. For oily oil, the high temperature will also stimulate the sebaceous glands and increase the oil on the scalp. The optimum shampoo temperature should be controlled between 38 ° C and 40 ° C.

2, dry your hair as soon as possible

When the hair is wet, our hair scales are open, and the hair surface and hair roots are in a relatively fragile state. It is recommended that after washing your hair, dry it with a water-absorbent towel as soon as possible. Avoid damage to your hair.

3, shampoo cannot be directly poured on the hair

The shampoo is poured directly onto the hair, and its soapy ingredients tend to damage the hair roots. It is best to pour a proper amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand, add a proper amount of warm water, and then wash the hair with foam.

Having said that, whether it is skin care or hair care, everyone should be the same heart! In addition to daily maintenance, life and work should also pay attention. Adequate sleep can promote the normal metabolism of the skin and hair, and the metabolic period is mainly at night, especially between 10 pm and 2 am. During this period of sleep, the hair can be properly metabolized.



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