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Do you really care for your hair

The winter climate is dry, not only the skin is tight, but the hair is also dry than before. In such weather, it is more necessary to protect the hair from harm, but many people regard the harmful effects on the hair as a maintenance prescription.


Misunderstanding of hair care

The more foam, the stronger the cleaning power

Many people think that the more the foam is shampooed, the cleaner the hair will be. In fact, too much foam only indicates that there are more substances in the shampoo to help foam, and it cannot be used as proof of cleansing power. The excessive foam will only dry your hair.

Wipe dry after shampooing

Winter is cold, many people want their hair to dry quickly, so as not to catch a cold, so use a towel to wipe or slap the hair back and forth, this will only make the hair easier to fork. The correct way is to wrap the hair in a soft, dry towel and gently press it to allow the towel to absorb the moisture from the hair.

Some people like fluffy curls, so love to roll your hair with hair curls when your hair is drenched so that the waves stay longer. In fact, just after washing the hair scales are open, it is easy to get hurt, it is better to wait until the hair is dry until 70%.

Combine more than 50 times a day

Combing hair can really help clear the meridians, clean up the dirt attached to the hair, and promote blood circulation to the scalp. However, excessive combing can also damage the hair, and excessively combing the hair will make the hair weak. The doctor recommends that you comb about 30 times a day.

Dry your hair and apply some hair care products.

Many people will wear more hair care products when their hair is dry and lacks luster. In fact, excessive hair care products only block the pores and put a burden on the hair. It is best to wipe only the surface of the hair, not to make the hair and scalp greasy.

Teach you how to make your hair brighter

Vinegar egg

When washing your hair, add a small amount of protein shampoo to the shampoo, and massage the scalp lightly, which will have a hair care effect. At the same time, after washing the hair with the shampoo added with protein, mix the egg yolk and a small amount of vinegar spread slowly along the hair, wrap it with a towel for 1 hour, then rinse with water, for dryness and hair. Harder hair has the effect of making it black and shiny.


Beer is applied to the hair to not only protect the hair but also promote hair growth. When using, first wash and dry the hair, then apply 1/8 of the whole bottle of beer evenly on the hair, and then do some hand massage to make the beer penetrate the root of the hair. After 15 minutes, wash your hair with water, then comb the hair with a wooden comb or a horn comb. The effective nutrients in the beer have a good therapeutic effect on preventing the hair from drying out, and can also make the head shine.

Hair oil

After the hair is cleaned, add 1/3 of the normal hair oil to the clean water, completely immerse the hair, and use excess water to absorb it with a dry towel, which will make the head bright and lubricated.


Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with tea to remove excess dirt and make your hair black and soft.

Remove dandruff Add a little borax with salt, put it in a pot, add a proper amount of water to dissolve it, then wash your hair. It has a good effect on eliminating itching and reducing dandruff. Add 150 ml of vinegar to 1 kg of warm water. If you can continue to wash once a day, not only can dandruff and itching, it also has a certain effect on reducing hair-splitting and preventing hair whitening.

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