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Dental health is not just brushing your teeth

As a dentist, in the daily work, I often encounter patients asking questions like this: Why do I brush my teeth carefully every day, but still have oral diseases such as tooth decay, swollen gums, bleeding gums? Is it the wrong way to brush your teeth, or is it caused by other problems?

There are four causes of tooth decay: teeth (host), food (environment), bacteria, time.

The process of tooth decay is that bacteria accumulate + nutrition = acid production, which in turn corrodes teeth to form dental caries. This process usually takes one to two years. It is generally 3-4 years for the tooth decay to progress into pulpitis (the fangs break the dentin into the pulp).

However, we often neglect the food residue or soft scale between the teeth, deposit plaque, form calculus after the accumulation of time, adhere to the interdental space, and constantly stimulate the gums, which leads to inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Induced more periodontal disease.

For these questions I have summarized the following points:

  1. The biggest possibility is that you do not do a good job or do a thorough daily oral cleaning, especially the interstitial space where it is easy to deposit food residue or soft dirt. Such as short brushing time, wrong way, low cleaning frequency, too old toothbrush or too hard bristles, etc., will lead to residual tooth and bacteria deposition, this time you can consider upgrading cleaning tools, such as electric toothbrush, red teeth, etc.;
  2. The teeth are not neat, and some dead corners between the teeth are difficult to clean;
  3. The teeth are congenitally malnourished, such as poor calcification and poor hardness of the enamel;
  4. Sweet lovers, eat sweets and drink too much (carbonated) every day;
  5. The composition and amount of saliva also affect the amount of bacteria in the mouth.

The main reason is that the residue between our teeth is not completely removed.

We have 28 teeth, a total of 128 tooth surfaces need to be cleaned, and there are 52 tooth surfaces in the teeth that are simply not brushable. Therefore, even if you carefully brush your teeth every day, you can only remove the plaque of 76/128=60% of the tooth surface. In other words, even if your teeth are neat, without prostheses, implants, orthodontic attachments, 40% of the food residue, soft dirt and harmful bacteria in the gaps of adjacent teeth are not removed. Over time, we will There are many oral problems.

The international dentist community has long proposed the concept of “scratch cleanliness”, which means that in addition to removing plaque with a toothbrush every day, it is necessary to remove residual and harmful substances between the teeth to maintain our oral health. For the cleaning of teeth and teeth, in the past, toothpicks were used. Some people realized that the toothpick not only would support the teeth, but also easily hurt the gums. They chose to replace them with floss, but many handicapped parties need skills because of toothpick operation. If the force is too strong, it will cause the gums to be damaged, and it is difficult to adhere to the cause of the posterior teeth.

Choosing a correct and easy-to-use oral cleaning tool will give our cleaning a multiplier effect.

The water floss/red teether is designed to clean the food residue of the tooth gap, sulcus, pit and sulcus (worm teeth). Although we routinely brush our teeth and are very effective at rubbing plaque on the tooth surface, ordinary brushing does not guarantee complete and thorough full mouth cleaning, such as pits, under the gums and between the teeth. Therefore, brushing your teeth every day is an essential part, but the water floss/red teeth can be very good to make up for the lack of daily brushing and cleaning.

I have used different water floss/red teeth products in person. I think the key to the Philips Sonicare jet red teeth from other similar products is its unique innovative technology – micro-explosive airflow technology.

Other water floss/red teeth products, although there are various technical names in the promotion, but the essence is to use the continuous water flow to wash the mouth, the water consumption is large, and it is necessary to add water frequently. Philips Sonicare’s innovative micro-explosive airflow technology uses fast-explosive compressed air and micro-water droplets, which you can understand as air pressure + micro-water flow, which gently and effectively removes plaque deep in the teeth and around the gums, and The water volume is not as large as the water tank type. The water storage capacity of the red teether is enough for a long time, and it will not splash like it when used in other water flossing lines. It is very suitable for carrying with you at any time. use.

Especially for those who don’t have the habit of using floss continuously, the Philips Sonciare jet red teether is not only clean and thorough, but also easy to use. It can be easily positioned with the teeth, and it takes only 60 seconds to complete the whole mouth. Clean, safe and efficient, and experience. Even small gaps or underarms can be cleaned, and can be combined with mouthwash or clear water. It has a good effect on inflammation of the gums and inflammation of the wisdom teeth. Moreover, it can be truly portable. As long as the nozzle is removed from the non-slip grip, it can be easily put into the carry-on bag. It is fashionable and compact. Whether it is a beautiful girl or a busy travel party, you can always Clean your mouth with your heart.

  1. Before use, install the nozzle on the front of the handle and open the sink (it looks very small!)
  2. Fill the water tank. It can be used together with clear water and mouthwash, and has a fresh breath and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Select the mode. Select the injection frequency once, twice, or three times according to the cleaning needs. I recommend using three cleaning modes, which are convenient to operate at one point and one pressure.
  4. Align the tip of the nozzle with the position to be cleaned, such as the teeth on the outside of the tooth, close the lips, press the button to spray, move the nozzle along the gum line, repeat the cleaning, and clean each tooth, including the posterior region. .
  5. When fully charged, it can be used for up to 30 days in single shot mode.

I hope that everyone can protect their teeth, have a healthy and clean oral environment, smile and be confident.


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