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Dental health is not just brushing your teeth

As a dentist, in the daily work, I often encounter patients asking questions like this: Why do I brush my teeth carefully every day, but still have oral diseases such as tooth decay, swollen gums, bleeding gums? Is it the wrong way to brush your teeth, or is it caused by other problems?

There are four causes of tooth decay: teeth (host), food (environment), bacteria, time.

The process of tooth decay is that bacteria accumulate + nutrition = acid production, which in turn corrodes teeth to form dental caries. This process usually takes one to two years. It is generally 3-4 years for the tooth decay to progress into pulpitis (the fangs break the dentin into the pulp).

However, we often neglect the food residue or soft scale between the teeth, deposit plaque, form calculus after the accumulation of time, adhere to the interdental space, and constantly stimulate the gums, which leads to inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Induced more periodontal disease.

For these questions I have summarized the following points:

  1. The biggest possibility is that you do not do a good job or do a thorough daily oral cleaning, especially the interstitial space where it is easy to

Your room exposes your wealth, health and relationships

When you see this article, please follow us to do an interesting test. Look around your room, if you are not at home, please think back to the room when you left home not long ago:

Is there any dust on the floor, whether there is a pile of expired magazines on the sofa, whether the wardrobe is messy, and the kitchen stove is not oily mottled. If so, be careful, your life may be in jeopardy. This is not an alarmist, but a philosophy of life that sweeps the globe: sweeping power.

– 1 –

Your room is like yourself

After years of research, Harvard Business School has discovered a phenomenon: “Successful people with a strong sense of happiness often have a clean and tidy home. Unfortunate people usually live in messy and dirty.”

From a small family and everyone, a successful business, often a clear window. On the contrary, a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy must have a dirty corner.

So I came up with the conclusion that “the room you live in is exactly your own refraction, and your life is actually like your room.”

When this language comes out, it’s awkward, and there’s …



A small tip for male hair removal

Although male friends will want to make themselves look more powerful. But many people still don’t want their hair to be too strong. So what are the male hair removal methods? Let’s talk about the man’s hair removal remedies and the more reliable hair removal method!

  • Male hair removal
  1. Hair removal cream and hair removal principle

It is beneficial for the chemical substance to dissolve the hair structure to achieve the purpose of hair removal. This method doesn’t cause any damage to the hair follicles, so the duration is not long, and it will grow again in about three days. Apply the hair removal cream evenly to the area to be removed. After 5-10 minutes, the hair becomes soft and scraped off with a squeegee. This method is designed to deal with small, soft body hair, which can quickly remove large areas of hair. This method is suitable for people who are afraid of pain but whose skin is not susceptible to allergies. A patch test must be done before use. Wash your skin first to reduce irritation. The chemical composition of hair removal cream and depilatory dew is acetic acid (calcium), which is irritating to the skin. Frequent …

How do we stay healthy by exercise?

Nowadays, people’s health awareness has become increasingly strong, and sports have become a fashion coming into people’s lives. However, it is easier to form a sense of consciousness, and it is more difficult to become a habit and stick to it. Maintaining a correct attitude and a reasonable method is very helpful for us to stick to exercise. Exercise is a good way to stay healthy. Obese people increase physical exercise, not only can achieve the “expenditure” of fat, so that the body can be restored, but also can make the body’s various organs exercise, enhance physical fitness. Therefore, increasing exercise is a good way to stay healthy.

Similarly, exercise needs to be different from person to person. Due to different personal habits, there should be different choices when choosing exercise time, content, intensity, and frequency. The daily exercise can be divided into two parts: one part is the activity that consumes more physical energy in daily life including work, travel, and housework. The other part is physical exercise.

  • Preparation before exercise

  1. Stretch for 5 minutes:Stretching is a necessary measure to prevent muscle strain, and the effect of exercising after stretching is also easier to manifest.
  2. Jogging for 3 minutes:Jogging