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Flavored vinegars: perk up salads, marinades sauces, and other dishes.


Select the freshest herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruit; experiment with different combinations.


* Try basil, chive (blossoms), dill, lavender, marjoram, mint, nasturtium (blossoms), oregano, parsley, rosemary, tarragon, and/or thyme.

* Add 3 to 4 sprigs of fresh herbs per pint of vinegar. If fresh herbs aren’t available, substitute 3 tablespoons of dried herbs.


* Try allspice berries, bay leaves, capers, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, coriander, cumin seeds, garlic cloves, fresh ginger, peppercorns, and/or mustard seed. Avoid ground spices, as they will cloud the vinegar.

* The amount to use will depend on the spice; in general, allow 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of smaller spices, 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, or 1 or 2 cinnamon sticks per pint of vinegar. Continue Reading

Tips for Buying A Smoker

Are you intending to purchase the best food smoker like the best propane smoker? Before spending money for this, you should know that on the today market, there are many kinds of smokers. So it will be very difficult to choose, if you do not know which demands you are. That is why in this article, I will show you how to select a good hot and cooking smoker to cook a true barbecue, smoked turkey, pastrami and the like. Smoker not only comes with a lot of different sizes and shapes but also runs by a dozen of fuels so make sure to opt for a right smoker for your need, let you consider the following features:
  • Price:

The price of smoker is able to range from $50 to $10.000 USD even more. Thus, before determining what you want to do with smoker, do not spend money for a wrong investment. How do you think about a small and vertical water smoker as a replacement? It is the cheapest one you had better purchase and you can buy a more suitable model later. Do not worry that it is just a cheap smoker because it is good enough for your barbecue. With your more needs, there are more the better options with higher price for you.

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Benefits of using Masticating Juicer

The most effective masticating juicers available right this moment will be the Omega 8006 Juicer. This best masticating juicer shines since many experts have made such who’s will not weaken your pure pieces of berries along with plant state of mind. Should you be juicing pertaining to weight-loss as well as to boost your present health, your Omega 8006 Juicer will assist you to as part of your voyage for you to health and fitness. Prefer a masticating juicer containing one of several top assistance extended auto warranties inside the juicing sector, try out your Omega 8006 Juicer. That may be privately your top extended warranty I have witnessed on one product or service.

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Pesto please! From plot to plate

Did you know that you can use just about any herb or green leafy vegetable to make pesto? Arugula, kale, and Swiss chard make delicious substitutes for traditional basil. You can also make a red pesto using red peppers or tomatoes.

Learn how to grow your own pesto ingredients, then try out our cilantro, dandelion greens, mint, and spinach pesto recipes.


Growing Tips

Cilantro is a fast-growing biennial herb that likes partial shade to full sun. Sow the seeds ‘A inch deep, 1 to 2 inches apart in light, well-drained soil at intervals starting after the last spring frost. Space the rows about 12 inches apart. Keep the seeds moist during their germination and water the seedlings regularly. Thin the seedlings to about 6 inches apart so that they have room to develop healthy leaves. Fertilize once or twice during the growing season with a nitrogen fertilizer. Wait until the plant reaches 6 inches before harvesting the leaves. Continue Reading

Cooking tips for slow cooker recipes

As the last few months of the year roll up, everyone’s feeling the thrill of holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve all these offer a reason to celebrate, and for most people, that means a big party with good food and great company. But with everyone getting increasingly busy, it’s hard to pull off just one good meal, let alone an entire party. How do you cook for a crowd without wasting precious hours in the kitchen? For a growing number of people, the answer is simple: slow cooker recipes.

It sounds like a paradox, but it does make sense. Think about it: with a slow cooker, all you do is chop up your ingredients, throw them in, and let the pot do the rest of the work. That leaves you free to go to work, do chores, or attend to other party details. And what’s better than coming home to hot, homemade food just waiting to be served? Whether you’re cooking for four or twenty people, you’re sure to find a solution with your slow cooker. Not sure how to do it? Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Flavorful meats

Meat is probably the first thing you think of making in the slow cooker, and it’s not hard to see why. Slow cookers have a way of bringing out meat’s natural flavor without drying it out, as most stovetop methods tend to do. That means you don’t have to add fat, salt, or artificial flavorings just to make it taste better. For your party, try using more flavorful meats such as beef and lamb. Most slow cooker lamb recipes have less than 30 minutes of prep time, and can work both for parties and everyday meals. Continue Reading

Super food from the Sea

Nature has provided us with a variety of superfoods that have extraordinary nutrient levels. These are concentrated and potent sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber and essential amino acids which balance us, boost our energy, enhance our stamina, sharpen our mental faculty, cleanses our system and builds immunity.

Each maritime culture identifies its own set of superfoods from the sea that are unique to that particular region. The sea is believed to be the foundation of life on earth. Imagine each square mile of sea yielding all known minerals. Even the composition of our body fluid closely resembles that of the sea!

Sea vegetables are not usually on everyone’s menu but since time immemorial it has been the mainstay of the maritime cultures. 10th-century records from Iceland are replete with regulations regarding the harvesting of dulse. In ancient Chinese history, sea vegetables are mentioned as sacrificial food and delicacy worth being offered to the gods.

Select seaweeds were set apart for the king and his honored guests. Nobility in Hawaii once nurtured seaweed gardens with exotic varieties of algae that were relished raw. 8th century Manyoshu, the oldest existing anthology of Japanese poetry refers to wakame as a divine dish. Even today eating sea vegetable on the Japanese new year day is considered auspicious. Sea vegetables or macroalgae – the oldest plants in the world, have been exploited by man since the advent of history. They have been used as food, animal feed, fertilizers, dye, cosmetics, medicine, etc. Visible use of seaweed can also be fond in baby food, chocolate drinks, beer, ice cream, cakes, jelly candies, sauces, shaving cream, shampoo, etc. During WWI seaweed was used to treat the wounds. Until recently iodine was isolated by distilling the long ribbons of Bladderwrack.

Currently, seaweeds are being tried as a possible prevention of cancer, blood pressure and various other ailments. Seaweeds are the marine plant life known as algae – the simple organisms that are busy carrying our photosynthesis. Macroalgae are usually called sea vegetables while micro algae are microscopic aquatic plants. These nonflowering water plants are real healing foods that are vital to human health and growth.

The seaweeds derive their nutrition from the fertile ocean bed and the rich sea water. Besides enriching us with trace elements that have almost vanished from the earth’s depleted soil, most of the seaweeds are power packed with extraordinary nutrients capable of fighting off the various diseases. Vitamin and mineral content varies but the presence of protein and carbohydrate elevates it to the status of food rather than a supplement. They provide us more protein than meat and their calcium content is higher than milk.

Most of the sea vegetables are nutritionally balanced. Besides a battery of minerals and appreciable amounts of vitamins ( 10 to 20 times higher than land plants), algae are well packed with all essential amino acids, fiber, chlorophyll, enzymes and beta carotene. The protein in seafood is more readily broken down and absorbed. The most outstanding element is the presence of iodine (promotes proper functioning of the thyroid gland) and alginic acid ( neutralizes the heavy metal pollution and radiation).

If one is going through a bout of X-rays, seaweeds are often recommended to combat the effects of radiation exposure. Thanks to sodium alginate which absorbs and expels the radioactive contaminants from the gastrointestinal tract. Traditional Chinese Medicine associates seaweed with yin (warming) features, often prescribed to treat cold, anemia, poor blood circulation and other pancreatic ailments. Sea weed’s antioxidant properties are best extolled in TCM where it is used to counter the hard nodules and tumors.

There are thousands of marine algae but not more than a dozen species are popular edible seaweeds. Some of the well-known sea vegetables are Arame, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Hijiki, Kelp, Kombu, Nori, and Wakame. Sea vegetables are classified by their colors – green, blue-green, brown and red. The color is an indicator of the intensity of sunlight reaching the plant. Red grows in the deepest depth of the ocean and thus absorbing the least light.

An introduction to sauces, including information on the five French sauces

Sauces are widely used in cooking these days in every type of cuisine from all over the world. What would pasta be without a delicious tomato or cream-based sauce? Who would eat a typical British roast dinner without any gravy or sauce to accompany it?

Even Chinese cuisine could not do without a variety of sauces, such as soy sauce, oyster sauce or hoisin sauce to make their dishes more appetizing and palatable.

1. Sauces come in many forms.

There are sauces used to pour over certain foods to bring moisture and extra flavor to the meal, other thicker sauces are added to the side of the plate and accompany a cut or few slices of meat. Then there are the sauces are an integral part of the dish, whilst cold sauces or dressings are used to liven up salads and cold meats.

2. Sauces are not always savory.

Sweet sauces such as chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce, brandy sauce or the versatile custard are poured over stodgy desserts in order to add more substance. And, certain fruits are blended and pureed and used to accompany sweet desserts or cooked meats.

3. Sauces have been around for centuries.

During Roman times, sauces were used to hide the flavor and taste of meat that was possibly not as fresh as it should have been. They concocted sauces using an abundance of different spices, seasonings and flavors in order to disguise the real taste of the food.

The base of a sauce is some form of the liquid, which could be milk, stock, wine or a vegetable or fruit juice. This liquid is then thickened with a thickening agent such as flour, fat, eggs, cream, arrowroot or cornflour. Some sauces are cooked and then reduced until the required consistency and thickness has been formed.
Sauces can be prepared by whisking, blending or cooking.

The majority of sauces are of French origin and the word “sauce” is actually a French word that means a relish that makes food more attractive.

In the modern cooking of French origin, there are five basic sauces that are the basis for nearly every other sauce. These are béchamel or white sauce, velouté or blond sauce, Espagnole or brown sauce, Hollandaise or butter sauce and finally tomato or red sauce. Most other sauces are derived from one of these basic sauces that every cook should know how to prepare.

There are other sauces that do not fall into any of the above categories.

Many people think that sauces are very difficult to make however, they are not. You do need to make time to prepare a sauce and it is best to just concentrate on the sauce and not carrying out other tasks in the kitchen at the same time. A perfect sauce can be made in a matter of minutes and all it requires is a little patience, concentration and time.

The sauces that are made by the cooking method usually require constant attention, as you will need to whisk or stir constantly and take care not to burn the sauce or allow it to stick to the bottom of the pan.

Sauces that contain butter and eggs are a little trickier, as sometimes they have a tendency to separate and curdle. It is best to prepare these sauces just before serving the meal so that they can be made and then served immediately.

Some sauces are usually bought ready-made in bottles, for example, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and soy sauce and are added to recipes to enhance flavor and add a bit of spice.

Other ready made sauces such as salad cream, mayonnaise, and tomato ketchup are added to the side of certain dishes and eaten as a dip.

In this section on sauces, we will give you background information and a recipe with helpful tips on how to make a number of the most popular sauces that are used in homemade cooking.

Gelato vs. Ice Cream vs. Frozen Yogurt

Some time ago, I thought that I will never be able to quit eating or making ice cream. I consumed it so frequently that I was thankful that I was young enough that my body was able to process the dessert and reduced the risk that it might have posed to my health. There was also a point in time when I drastically reduced my consumption of ice cream because I became more mindful of my weight until I learned about a frozen yogurt shop that served a superb selection of sugarless, non-fat frozen yogurt with toppings. Because of this, I started to make my homemade frozen yogurt with my brand new frozen yogurt machine.

In due course I stopped eating frozen yogurt since after consuming it for a good amount of time I felt the hunger for it to slowly disappear. Then I started to eat ice cream again, although not as frequently as before. And that was when I was in the town I was born in. After that, I moved to New York City, where you can easily find numerous stores sell the Italian-inspired gelato. I found this dessert, which similar to ice cream, simply irresistible. I adored the gelato due the numerous flavors available which ranged from the standard spumoni, which had a distinct flavor in each store that you visit, to the various flavors of fruit and out of the ordinary flavors such as cucumber, rose and the pina colada.

Recently, I have considered that the three treats should be included in a dessert diet in order for it to be considered balanced. At times the delicate, refreshing flavor of the gelato is an ideal indulgence that gives you a stimulating taste while allowing you to stick to your planned diet. A frozen yogurt scooped into a cone can be an occasionally treat for you. Sometimes all you need is a large bowl of pure unadulterated ice cream when you go to bed at night and have it as your comfort food. These desserts are not identical to each other and you will have a compelling yet distinct motive to eat each one of them. These reasons are all undeniable. Each of them can be consumed occasionally but it should not be too frequent.

However these are the things that I like and would fit my distinct eating habits. A number of ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato choices are available for people who have some sensitivity to some food ingredients or have a particular health requirement or are merely concerned with their health, which is what I should be doing also. Among the three dessert choices, ice cream has the most amount of fat. Gelato often has more actual fruit served in the dessert compared to the other two treats but this would depend on who makes the treat. Frozen yogurt, on the other hand, uses more artificial sweeteners as an alternative to sugar, which is not the same as most ice cream since some ice cream are sugar-free, but this is not true with gelato.

To be able to comprehend the dissimilarities among the three desserts, you need to be aware of some essentials such as the presence of more milk fat in ice cream, gelato is denser since it has a lesser volume of air, and that frozen yogurt has refined milk. A number of people consider frozen yogurt as the healthier choice because of its benefits to digestion and health due to the presence of good bacteria in the dessert, however the other components will also play a factor in this regard. I have always believed that all three desserts should be included in order for a dessert diet to be balanced.

Tips to Make an Ideal Kitchen for Cheerful Cooking

The smartly designed kitchen may change cooking through responsibility into pleasure. For a long time, I’d to create perform having a little cubicle. After that, all of us constructed a home, as well as We, could design my very own kitchen. Right now I enjoy preparing with regard to my loved ones as well as friends.

Understanding basics regarding kitchen meat grinder reviews can be handy from any kind of time. Occasionally altering the area associated with home appliances could make an impact. Regardless of whether remodeling the kitchen or even planning a brand new 1: Don’t in order to depend on designers or even expert kitchen organizers. They can’t understand the actual routines as well as needs of the loved ones while you perform. Just you are able to know very well what you actually require as well as exactly what suits a person as well as your spending budget.

A practical kitchen enhances your lifetime

Whenever we chose to develop a home We bought lots of publications regarding kitchen design. You should depend on books because the majority of the websites regarding kitchen design tend to be seriously affected through the ad. We can’t suggest some of all of them. Whenever planning your own kitchen very first think meat grinder reviews about that which you actually need. Perform you love to make as well as beef roasts or even would you choose toast as well as boiled meals? Just how much refrigerator room would you need? The number of kitchen sinks does you really need? Can there be one prepared inside your kitchen or even would you like sufficient room with regard to 2 or even more cooks? Would you like to possess breakfast every day as well as easy foods inside your kitchen or even would you like to utilize it with regard to cooking just? Continue Reading

Nine things you need to know about short haul microwave

Short haul microwave is one of the fastest-growing transmission mediums in all types of telecom environments, from cellular to private networks. And it’s one of the easiest to install, maintain, update and expand.

Here’s some things you should know about short haul microwave:

1. Installation can be extraordinarily simple and modular. Many radios and antennas are small and easy to handle, with but a few cable connections required for installation. Further, some need only a couple of tests run on them before they’re ready for operation.

Most systems should be operational the day after the equipment arrives, at the very least. One hop microwave radio systems, meanwhile, should take about half a day. (Seriously, folks, you’d be surprised how easy some of these systems are to work and set up editor.)

2. Initial cost of short haul 20 microwave equipment and installation usually is far less than installing copper or fiber. There also is a quick payback on a minimal investment because operating costs are very low. Annual operation evaluation and the cost of electricity, which is minimal, are usually the only operating expenses.

3. Short haul microwave has a long fife and high mean time between failure (i.e. they don’t screw up very often). Reliability is of prime importance if your operations rely on consistent transmission. Look for equipment that’s already proven it can last failure free for a long time and with an expected lifetime of up to 20 years.

4. Short haul makes for excellent hot standby equipment. Because of its reliability, ease of use, etc., microwave has shown it’s a very nice, completely redundant, backup signal path in many private networks. For users who have gone this route, circuit availability has been enhanced to the point where an outage rarely occurs.

5. The simplicity of short haul microwave makes it very versatile. That is, if the maker has built versatility into their hardware. A manufacture should offer a wide range of interface units for data, voice and video.

It’s also beneficial if the maker can change an interface without requiring new or modified microwave radios. The cost of upgrading with additional capacity or different features should cost far less than purchasing a new system.

The ability to expand technology in the midst of growth is important to all telecom applications, and there’s no difference here. If a customer starts with a smaller network, adding capacity should be simple and ample with expansion up to DS 3 (45 Mbps), no sweat.

Adding capacity through a single manufacturer that has all the radios to meet intermittent needs provides a smooth transition from, say, DS 1 up to DS 3. Ifs similar to advancing to a more powerful engine from General Motors: you begin with a Chevrolet; grow into an Oldsmobile; and graduate into a Cadillac. Be sure the short haul microwave radio manufacturer offers a complete line.

6. Interconnecting two facilities can be as simple as a one-hop line of sight transmission path. These hops are typically less than 10 miles (and affected by the amount of rain fall or climatic condition in an area). Drier western states generally can have longer transmission distances between locations. If a larger network is required, repeaters can be strategically placed in order to boost or veer the signal around an obstruction such as buildings or mountains.

7. In many cases, microwave is the only cost effective solution for certain communication requirements. This is particularly true when a signal needs to cross a street, river or highway and you must obtain right of way or incur construction costs, which are usually prohibitively expensive.

8. Microwave, as opposed to cable, makes for an excellent alternate means of transmission for critical telecom applications. It’s a good disaster avoidance alternative because it is less susceptible than cable or fiber to natural disaster. This is a big application for microwave.

9. Short haul microwave has good overall circuit availability when properly designed and implemented. Find a short haul microwave maker with expertise in system design, implementation and installation, and you’ll find yourself a very reliable system.

When engineered properly, microwave can provide the high circuit reliability needed for even extraordinarily critical applications.


This story talks solely about the most prevalent short haul transmission solution microwave radio technology. Of course, there are other available short haul technologies, most notably infrared, which parallels microwave with some obvious similarities though there are differences).

Infrared is based on the transmission of an information signal through the atmosphere (like microwave). In this case it’s a light signal, rather that a high-frequency radio signal (actually, light is closely related to microwave on the electromagnetic spectrum).

Like microwave, infrared systems need a clear line of sight, but can be bolstered by repeaters to avoid roadblocks and increase distances. Unlike microwave, infrared is far more susceptible to attenuation from fog, smoke and the shimmer of heat waves than to losses caused by rain (which is the main weather condition that screws up microwave). Infrared systems are generally as reliable as microwave systems for distances up to one-half mile under most conditions (microwave radios work over 10 miles in good conditions). And infrared needs a far smaller beam clearance area than microwave because infrared beams don’t spread out as much.

Reaching speeds up to DS 3 rates (they’re used a lot in video applications), the biggest advantage infrared has over microwave is there are no regulatory restrictions on its use. No fuss. No muss. Just buy the baby and fire it up. They’re usually very small and fairly easy to


Following this article you’ll find the names and numbers of the major short haul players. However, we’d like to highlight one new microwave company in particular because we’ve only recently discovered them. We figured we’d familiarize you with them, ever so briefly.

E&M Development makes a complete line of microwave systems that range in frequencies from 10 to 23 GHz. They’re called the Bi-Directional Systems and they handle a sundry list of applications, from local loop bypass to LAN extending to video links, etc. Diversified Marketing exclusively markets the products.

It would be impossible to go through their entire product line. It’s too broad. Why don’t you caN Diversified, tell them what your application is (they do a lot of work in video/TV) and find out what they offer. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Some technologies don’t require that much manufacturer involvement. Not so with short haul microwave radios. In this case, a crate full of equipment isn’t going to do a customer a lot of good without service and support from the maker.

Service means different things to different manufacturers, but a customer should expect no less than on going maintenance, systems engineering support, installation services, frequency coordination and assistance with licensing.

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