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A small tip for male hair removal

Although male friends will want to make themselves look more powerful. But many people still don’t want their hair to be too strong. So what are the male hair removal methods? Let’s talk about the man’s hair removal remedies and the more reliable hair removal method!

  • Male hair removal
  1. Hair removal cream and hair removal principle

It is beneficial for the chemical substance to dissolve the hair structure to achieve the purpose of hair removal. This method doesn’t cause any damage to the hair follicles, so the duration is not long, and it will grow again in about three days. Apply the hair removal cream evenly to the area to be removed. After 5-10 minutes, the hair becomes soft and scraped off with a squeegee. This method is designed to deal with small, soft body hair, which can quickly remove large areas of hair. This method is suitable for people who are afraid of pain but whose skin is not susceptible to allergies. A patch test must be done before use. Wash your skin first to reduce irritation. The chemical composition of hair removal cream and depilatory dew is acetic acid (calcium), which is irritating to the skin. Frequent use or sensitive skin may cause redness and irritation, and even rash may occur. People with sensitive physique should be used with caution.

  1. Waxing hair removal principle

Physical hair removal, stick the body hair with sticky wax and tear it off. How to use: Apply the wax evenly on the skin. The wax should be applied tightly to the skin so that the hair can completely adhere. Then cover the gauze, pull the gauze-covered on the skin and pull the roots out.

Hair removal is generally carried out in a beauty salon. Expert Tip: It can cause pain when you are using, and chemically synthesized beeswax is easy to cause irritation to the skin; when tearing down, the body hair tends to remain in the pores, and half of the hair ends are easily plunged into the hair follicles, causing folliculitis.

  1. Patch hair removal principle

Similar to wax removal, how to use: Cut the patch according to the size of the desired hair removal area and attach it to the desired part, and quickly remove it. It is good to tear down the action, otherwise, it will be very painful. Hair removal is generally carried out in a beauty salon. Expert Tip: It will cause pain when used, but the patch is not like beeswax will cause irritation to the skin; when tearing down, the body hair is easy to stay in the pores, and the broken hair ends are easy to plunge into the hair follicle, causing folliculitis.

  1. Razor, electric razor hair removal principle

Physical hair removal adapts to people who are afraid of pain and sensitive to the skin. How to use: Develop a habit of shaving every day, otherwise it will be unsightly to grow a layer of a black mustache. Like a man shaving a beard, apply a shave to the skin before shaving. Expert Tip: Use a razor to shave, the longer the hair will be thicker. If the operation is not skilled, it is easy to scratch the pores and damage the young skin, resulting in redness and swelling.

  1. Clip hair removal principle

Physical hair removal is suitable for people who have less hair and are not afraid of pain. How to use: Clip the hair out. Expert Tip: If the cleanliness of the pores is not enough, the skin’s resistance will decrease, and redness and infection will appear. Use some antibiotics to avoid infection.

  • Men’s hair removal remedies
  1. The green walnuts are juiced and then twisted with gauze.Rubbing every day, the hair is gone. But you need to stick to it! Use the natural ingredients in the green walnut juice to penetrate into the pores and inhibit or even completely destroy the hair follicles.
  2. Hair removal from lemon juice. Lemon juice contains a very high concentration of fruit acids, which can easily dehydrate the hair.
  3. 30 grams of sea pumice, 30 grams of Salvia, 30 grams of Clematis, 30 grams of comfrey, 1000 ml of water decoction, scrub the hairy parts with gauze at a slight temperature, once a day, 15-20 minutes each time.The sea pumice is soft and firm, the darshan is activating blood, and the clematis cures the symptoms. It can stagnate rheumatism, cure the bones, and dissolve the rash.
  4. Black sesame seeds are scorched, made into powder, mixed with honey, applied to the place with hair on the night, washed off the next morning, for 5 to 7 days.Black sesame seeds make up the liver and kidney, benefit the blood, honey needless to say
  5. Grind the lime powder into the foam, mix it with the vinegar and apply it to the hairy area. After a long time, gently pull it out by hand and it will fall off automatically.Both lime and vinegar are alkaline to destroy hair or hair follicles.
  6. Folk small recipe: If it is the hair to the face, you can mix the milk with the turmeric, then add the right amount of water to reconcile, evenly spread on the face, wash it with water after drying.If you want to reduce the hair on your legs, try mixing it with lemon, sugar, and honey. Add it to high heat for 3 minutes. After cooling, apply a thin layer on your legs.
  7. Soybean extract: To reduce the rapid regeneration of hair after depilation, you need to use a lotion containing soy extract.Studies have shown that the substances contained in soybeans can shrink the diameter axis of hair and delay hair growth. This is definitely feasible.
  8. Diet: After hair removal, you are worried about hair growth. In fact, there are many ways to inhibit hair growth, such as direct eating habits.Want to reduce the number of hair removal can try to change the usual eating habits, reduce the intake of carbohydrates, and increase the intake of vitamin B6. You can eat more meat and fish. Vegetarianism can try some foods such as bananas, cabbage, broccoli, watermelon, and carrots.

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