Month: May 2019



Do you really care for your hair

The winter climate is dry, not only the skin is tight, but the hair is also dry than before. In such weather, it is more necessary to protect the hair from harm, but many people regard the harmful effects on the hair as a maintenance prescription.


Misunderstanding of hair care

The more foam, the stronger the cleaning power

Many people think that the more the foam is shampooed, the cleaner the hair will be. In fact, too much foam only indicates that there are more substances in the shampoo to help foam, and it cannot be used as proof of cleansing power. The excessive foam will only dry your hair.

Wipe dry after shampooing

Winter is cold, many people want their hair to dry quickly, so as not to catch a cold, so use a towel to wipe or slap the hair back and forth, this will only make the hair easier to fork. The correct way is to wrap the hair in a soft, dry towel and gently press it to allow the towel to absorb the moisture from the hair.

Some people like fluffy curls, so love to roll your hair with hair curls when your hair …