Month: April 2019



Hair care strategy

About shampooing

Many girls will be entangled in how long it takes to wash their hair. In fact, there is no strict regulation. In theory, as long as they are suitable for their own physiological habits, they feel comfortable and healthy. The frequency of scientific and healthy shampooing should be different according to different Hair quality and season.

Oily hair

The sebaceous glands of oily hair are exuberant. If it is not cleaned in time, it will clog the pores. Not only will the hair greasy and affect the image, but it will also feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, oily hair can be washed in 1~2 days. When shampooing, it needs to be combined with a mild shampoo. The too alkaline shampoo will cause great irritation to the scalp and accelerate the damage to the hair.

Dry hair

For dry hair, oil and hair loss is not their troubles. Because of the low secretion of sebum, hairy, dry, itchy and dandruff are their biggest enemy. Therefore, the frequency of shampooing should be appropriately reduced. It is advisable to wash once in 2-3 days. It is recommended to use mildly acidic shampoo for proper cleaning, reduce the burden on the scalp, and …