Browse Month: June 2016

What are the Top Reasons behind the Popularity of the Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike in Sport?

Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that Brand Takara has recently announced its new and amazing bike namely Takara Kabuto road bicycle as a leading bike in the line of amazing single speed road bicycle.

Moreover, this single speed road bike is perfectly used as commuter bike because it is particularly designed & meant for long-standing road by simply utilizing the a particular speed for collective ride all around the community or even to work.


It features a powerful & handcrafted frame of steel along with straight dropouts, which are able to handle misuse of the riding through roadways & city, the brand new Takara Kabuto also, have flip-flop center so that cyclists can run this bike as immovable gear or even in the standard freewheel single speed manner. It simply removes the uneasiness for modifications of changeable apparatuses. Continue Reading

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